7 Apr 2015

Hello blogger. long time no see ya? hahahahaha ofcourse la kann. because I'm busy studying. Imma university's student rite now. so I've a lot of assignment and get over my life personally since I stayed far away from my beloved family. So here we go. I've a lot of stories that I want to tell here. If and only if I can write all that since I've been kept this secret for a long time ago. But now I can't really kept all this inside my heart cause Imma in broken heart. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :') me & my broken heart ~ lalalalalalalalalala :') I thought when I get into university's life, I would not faces all this shit things.... but I'm wrong... Life will always have challenges. So since I stayed here, I got a lot of new friends. ya especially my beloved roomates. they just like my family here. so whatever I do, they would know about it. Now I'm in a second semester so yaaaa. I got another two new roomates and another one is my old roomate. So I'm not being so so awkward to stayed with them since last sem I've been talk a little bit with them. Okay then the main topic of this story actually is, Imma really really in a broken heart because.... the one of my friend that I've been trusted since our friendship start just ruined my trusted towards her. Whose would not get hurt when your own friend, close friend such a backstabber. But in my situation, Imma actually get angry when I know about my friend is in a relationship with my only one beloved ex. He's my ex that I would not forget because he keep make me stronger when I'm in down and sad. So I never thought that my old friend at school. A girl who really seems desperate towards a man would steal my beloved ex. wth :') my heart crying too much even my eyes never produce the teardrops.... even I can still smilling infront of everyone even it is really hard to smile at this time. Maybe you guys read this, you would think this is just a nonsense problem but it is a big problem to me. This problem get over into my heart and I can't stop thinking about that two bitch. ya Allah how I will be strong enough since this problem will always happend to me. Maybe it is KIFARAH. ya kifarah for all my mistakes :')